Consumer Responsibility for Every Purchase

We have always been a proponent of buying locally. It just seems to make sense: Support thy neighbor. We frequent the mom and pop hardware store, the family-owned restaurants in town, and the local farmers’ market. Don’t get us wrong, we realize that buying locally costs slightly more than buying from a chain, but the benefits are worth it. During a time when unemployment is the new black, it only seems natural to pinch every penny, but perhaps that’s exactly what’s keeping the nation from climbing out of its hole.

We don’t encourage spending money for spending’s sake. We have always thought that the idea of spending money on frivolous items was ludicrous; a poor consumption habit that should be curtailed. Don’t waste money purchasing things that you don’t need. However, if a purchase must be made, it would behoove consumers to be more aware of what their money supports.

The freshest produce are grown locallyWhen Buying Something New

When shoppers are in the market to buy something new, they often go for the cheapest option. The problem is that the cheapest option is often made somewhere overseas. The cheap cost of labor, the absence of laws that ensure safe (and more costly) working conditions, and low import tariffs will guarantee a cheap product for the consumer, but at what cost?

If a corporation sends work overseas, often paying laborers mere pennies per hour, they will obviously be able to provide a much cheaper product and make larger profits than if they were to keep the work in the U.S. The up-side is that the consumer is provided the option of a cheaper product. The downside is that there is less incentive to hire workers in the U.S. when the cost of labor is cheaper overseas. In this day and age, most jobs can be sent overseas for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to keep them here.

Recently, large law firms have even opted to send research work overseas, paying cheaper wages to lawyers abroad; young attorneys in the United States incur high debt from education expenses that make it difficult to compete. These businesses are able to make big profits by targeting the one thing the average consumer is most concerned with: a lower price.

Working Conditions in Foreign Countries

Corporations save big money sending work overseas since environmental impacts and working conditions are less of a concern. Sure, a foreign country’s product is more affordable than a product made in the United States, but what if we ensured that human rights and natural environments were also protected abroad? The costs to minimize pollution and provide appropriate working conditions would factor into the price of the product.

Most corporations put a lot of money into their marketing divisions, hoping to deter consumers from thinking beyond the immediate goal of buying a cheap product that will supposedly enhance the quality of life. If consumers began to ask why the products are so affordable, they may reconsider their initial decisions. An Australian acquaintance noted that this was the only country he had ever visited in which the price of a product is the most important consideration. Other countries concern themselves with the quality of the product instead.

Consumers Deserve Quality

So, yes, quality is important. It would be a shame if the government increased tariffs on imported goods, shielding local companies from having to compete with more sophisticated products. We deserve to have the choice of purchasing a cutting-edge product, we want our nation to be competitive, but we have to understand that this may cost more. Complaints are made about increasing tariffs on imported goods, but these complaints need to be coupled with informed choices.

Consumers need to take responsibility for their purchases, realizing that every purchase we make casts a vote. In this case, money truly speaks. Are we so concerned with the price that working conditions abroad are of no concern to us? Is a cheap product so important that we can ignore the jobs sent overseas to guarantee these prices? It’s time to ask questions, compare products, and forget prices. Consumers cannot continue to wait for someone else to save our economy; we must save us from ourselves.

Planet Gift Baskets Participates in Century 21 Showcase Vendor Fair held in Highland, California

Food baskets in exhibitPlanet Gift Basket, an industry leader in gourmet gift baskets, exhibits at the Century 21 Showcase Vendor Fair held in the city of Highland. As the holiday season approaches more and more people are thinking about their holiday gift list. Century 21 Showcase located on Church and Greenspot Road, invited select vendors to participate in a posh shopping experience for the community. They chose Planet Gift Baskets as a premiere vendor for gift baskets and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Shoppers from the surrounding community enjoyed a delicious spread of fruits, cheeses, wines and desserts as they browsed through the vendor fair. Vendors brought their wares such as Swarovski crystal jewelry, high end candles, boutique clothing and more. Shoppers could also sample mineral make up and turn in their gold for cash! Each vendor brought a unique mix of product that created a one-stop-shop for those looking for unique gifts and a fun night out.

Guests were also encouraged to sample products used inside gourmet gift baskets from Planet Gift Baskets. “We sampled our Kings Cupboard dessert sauce which has always been our best selling item in our gift baskets. We paired Dolcetto vanilla wafer rolls with decadent mint chocolate, milk chocolate and pear Cabernet chocolate sauce. I would have to say that the mint chocolate sauce was by far the star of our gift basket booth,” states Pam Brown, co-owner of Planet Gift Baskets.

Participating vendors included:

  • Nora’s Hair Salon
  • Gurly Girl Jewelry
  • BStoned Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
  • Planet Gift Baskets & More

If you are located in the San Bernardino, California area and would like to view our extensive line of gift baskets, gourmet foods and unique gifts, please feel free to set up an appointment to visit our showroom. We are located at 5055 Hallmark Parkway Unit B, San Bernardino, California, 92407. Give us a call at 909.880.4202. We specialize in personalized gift baskets that leave a lasting impression via personalized accents, gifts with keepsakes and hard to find gourmet products that are sure to be enjoyed by your recipient.