Mistakes Adult Students Make When Learning the Piano

Learning a musical instrument is not an easy road to take. You need patience and dedication to get to the level that you’ve always wanted. Learning music is not like applying for a degree then getting a diploma. You cannot just attend classes and expect to pass. You must do a lot of self-learning after classes. There are things that your teacher cannot teach you, like dedication and hard work, so you must have the motivation to study well. Otherwise, you will keep on stagnating, and you will stay on the same level for a long time.

Seniors on the keyboard as music can release tensionOf course, as a music student, you want to keep on growing. You don’t want to get stuck on the same level for a long time. The pressure is on more so for adult students, who are self-motivated to learn and are eager to play the songs that they want as soon as they start their lessons.

A lot of adults these days turn to learning piano. Probably because of the breadth of songs that you can do with this instrument, and the versatility of its sound, many adults choose to learn the piano. We won’t lie to you and say that piano is easy to learn. In fact, it is one of the most challenging instruments to master. Imagine, you have the whole keyboard in front of you, with varying notes, tones, and rhythms. You have to use your right and left hand simultaneously, and use the pedal, as well. When you put all those factors together, there’s a range of skills that you must juggle which prove to be challenging to master.

If you are an adult student and you are currently learning the piano, you must remember to avoid these common mistakes that adult music students, like you, make when studying this instrument:

Constant practice will make you a piano virtuoso1. You don’t practice at home

Learning the piano entails a lot of hours of practice. So, if you only depend on your teacher and you don’t want to do some learning on your own, then you are hindering your growth as a student. You must be ready to devote time for practice when trying to learn the piano & electric keyboard, even if that means watching less of your favorite shows at night. If you want to learn, high-quality practice is going to be your best friend. Always be willing to get out of your comfort zone whenever you train, whether with your teacher or when you practice alone.

2. You don’t put your guard down

We understand that you are an adult. But then again, you are also a student, and you are starting from zero. Therefore, even if your teacher is younger than you, you must listen and put your guard down. Let go of your pride, and listen and learn from someone who is more knowledgeable than you. Don’t let your ego get in the way of your music learning journey because you will never grow as a student if you continue to be this know-it-all.

These are the common mistakes adult students make learning the piano. These prevent you from growing as a student. If you want to continue learning, get out of your comfort zone and let go of your pride. Work hard and devote hours to practice this instrument.