Beauty Items Every Woman Should Keep in Her Bag

The must-have beauty items every woman should have should keep her skin glowing and help to retain her youthfulness within her skincare range. If your skin is dull, it won’t matter what you wear or the hairstyle you keep you won’t look your best.

A complete skin care range is needed cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You should clean your skin twice a day, morning and night to keep your complexion glowing, use a proper makeup remover to remove every last trace of makeup.

Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells, as an accumulation of dead cells causes the skin to look ashy. Use a mask at least once a week, if your mask is for hydration, you can use it every day. Sunblock is needed to help protect your delicate skin from the harsh environment.

Makeup is another beauty essential, even if you don’t like to wear full make up a few essential items are needed so you will look your best. If you don’t like to wear foundation, just use a two-way cake so your skin will look evenly toned and not splotchy. An eyebrow pencil, to help keep your eyebrows nicely shaped, it can also double as eyeliner. Not all of us are blessed with perfect eyebrows. A pair of tweezers is also needed to keep brows in shape. Mascara is required, to help lengthen your lashes and help open your eyes to the world. You will look brighter and more alert. Lip gloss should also be included in your make up items to help finish off the look and plump up your lips. With these necessary items, you can carry off the natural look and still look put together. Even a little makes a big difference.

Nice, shiny, clean hair will set off the look. No point putting on make up if your hair looks greasy. Wash your hair every day and use a conditioner. You can deep condition twice a month. If your hair is long, that’s all you need, but if your hair is kept short, you can buy an assortment of products to give you that young fresh look. Products to use are mousse, hair wax, hair gel. You can keep your hair in place by spraying on a bit of hairspray. Those with soft and fine hair will benefit from hairspray. Your hair will stay in place even in a strong wind.

By using these basic beauty products you can look good every day, and it won’t take you long to get ready in the morning for that busy day ahead, and just as a back up make sure you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. Water is another essential beauty item to keep you looking good. Water will help flush out toxins, help to hydrate your skin and keep your eyes sparkling.

Marketing Tips for Startups for 2018

Anyone can start a small business; however, the challenges that owners have to face are unimaginable. A majority of startups fail in their first year, and many reasons affect this. One of these is the lack of foresight, with many owners thinking that once they have a business plan and have everything in place, the business will run with no problems. However, after a month or so, one will quickly realize that running a business is not as easy as one-two-three.

Soaring over a limited budgetStartups have a small budget to work on; therefore, they do not have much flexibility compared to big companies. But that limit in the budget may work to their advantage since startups would have to think long and hard about where to spend their money. If they spend needlessly on many things, their business goes at the risk of going bankrupt. So, it is crucial that startups know how to spend their time and money wisely.

Apart from budget, another limitation with startups is staff. They don’t have many employees to work with, so they often have to multitask. So, instead of having separate teams for, say, marketing and human resource, these are often combined into one team. Having an additional person in the company costs money, so startups have to be wise with their hires. They only decide to hire more people once they grow and they can afford the additional costing.

With these limitations in budget and staff, it is understandable that marketing for startups can be a challenge. However, it is also possible to find success even with a small budget to work around with Rochester’s expert SEO services. You just have to make a marketing plan for the short and long-term, and you have to be realistic about your budget and goals.

If you need some push with your advertising strategies, here are marketing tips to help your startup thrive in this highly competitive online world:

Getting customers to appreciate your web content1. Spend time and resources in planning your content

You may think that promotional marketing is the way to go to advertise your business. However, sales-y marketing does not work anymore for many consumers. Customers value content that proves useful to their lives. So, if you offer tips and guides to help them with their problems, then you are giving your brand the opportunity to be favorite among consumers. Do not put content on the wayside, because in the online world, it is even more critical compared to selling your product or service per se. You need to find some footing in building customer trust and then allowing these people to spread the word about your brand.

2. Social media is your best friend

As a startup, you can leverage on social media’s reach to further increase your brand’s popularity online. Social media remains a powerful marketing tool that sees small to big businesses using it for advertising. Many users these days have social media accounts; therefore, it is but wise to go to platforms where people can see your brand. Have social media accounts with high-quality content published regularly, and focus on platforms that are an excellent fit for your business. For example, if you run a photography company, you can make the most of Instagram, which focuses on publishing pictures.

It can be a challenge to market your brand if you are a startup. But you can still advertise your company, as long as you remain realistic with your budget and goals. And remember to be consistent, because consistency is key when you want people to trust your brand.

Meal Prep: How Beneficial Is It?

Everyone is getting smarter and smarter about their food and eating habits. But still, there are many who seem to be confused while choosing a healthy meal. In fact, it is found that knowing to choose a healthy diet is only half the knowledge. And its execution is to win the battle completely. Even if you know that you have to go for a healthy diet to maintain good health, but still sometimes you don’t get enough time to plan your meal properly. In such cases, meal prepping plays an important role in understanding your food needs based on different daily activities and saves you a lot of time.

What is meal prepping?

Efforts go on meal preppingMeal prepping is a simple process in which you prepare your meal in advance to avoid indulging yourself in unhealthy eating habits. Sometimes, this practice is followed by people who desire to lose weight or lead a healthy life. During meal prep, sometimes the meal is properly cooked, or sometimes it is half-cooked. The prepared meal is carefully stored in a closed container for future use. Sometimes it is also labeled or dated to follow an organized routine.

Why is it important?

Meal prepping is very useful as it helps in reducing waste, saves time, and even reduces your urge to eat outside. It is often found that sometimes you want to get a leave from cooking your daily meals. Then meal prep is quite effective. It allows you to eat home-cooked food without involving yourself to cook every day.

For whom this meal prepping is meant for?

Meal prepping is not suitable for everyone. It is only for those who love to lead an organized and healthy life rather than eating a variety of food. It is because; with meal prepping you have to eat the same kind of food for a specific amount of days. Meal prepping is effective for a single person although it becomes very difficult for the whole family.

When you initially start to prep your meal go for a single day prepping. You start by the leftovers from your dinner. Pack it for your lunch the next day. If you can adjust with this practice, then you can go ahead with this practice to save your time. Slowly increase the number of meal that is to be prepped.

There are many benefits of meal prep. So, it is considered a healthy practice for those who are more concentrated on reaching their goals and prefer to lead an organized life. Some of the best possible benefits are listed below.

  1. It reduces your temptation to eat outside

During your busy hours when you don’t get enough time to prepare your food but your hunger forces you to grab anything that you get easily, you often tend to incline to some of the junk food from outside. On the other hand, if you plan your meals early then, you can stick to your diet more significantly.

  1. It saves your money

For eating healthy, you don’t have to spend a lot every time, as healthy eating is not always expensive. If you plan your meal in advance, you can easily give relief to your pocket. How? By purchasing things in bulk and by making proper use of your refrigerator. If you plan your meal, then you can easily collect the ingredients from the market without any hurry at the last moment. You will also get freedom from purchasing costly meals at lunchtime.

  1. It helps you to stay fit by losing your weight

Do you know what the perfect way to lose weight? The answer is by taking control over your calorie intake. And you can only achieve this goal if you regularly follow meal prep. If you plan your meal, you can easily know the exact quantity of food you are putting inside your body.

Moreover, you can also control the number of unwanted ingredients like too much sugar, and salt. Hence, you can put control in your calorie intake in advance. Another effective method would be to hire an on-demand private chef who can prepare healthy meals as per your schedule from breakfast, workout, and dinner and feed you with a healthy diet food without keeping you hungry.

  1. It will make your grocery shopping quite easier.

When you are selecting the ingredients yourself, it is obvious that you will choose the best and fresh one. And if you pre-plan your weekly meal in advance, then your grocery shopping will become the easiest and comfortable one. You can divide your grocery list into various categories like proteins, grains, dairy products, vegetables, fruits etc.

  1. It acts as a great hunger-manager

When you are very hungry, you just jump up on the food that you get in front of you. Let it be a piece of leftover cake in your refrigerator or your colleague’s unhealthy fried stuff. But if you have prepped your meal in advance, then you would not have to wait and decide what to eat.

  1. It helps you to save time

Although you can sometimes feel that you are spending too much time on planning and cooking your meal for a week or for 3-4 days in advance, you will still end up saving time overall. If you just pre-chop the ingredients that you have to prepare the next day then also you don’t have to stand up hours before your refrigerator trying to figure out what to cook.

  1. It serves you as an investment in your health.

As you become habituated in eating healthy, you will gradually cease to eat unhealthy foods that are rich in sugar or other fattening agents. There are endless benefits to eating healthy and clean diets.

  1. It helps to reduce stress as well

The very thought of “what’s for dinner” puts you in tension when you return home after your long and tiring office work. But if you have already prepared your dinner, then you can spend a happy time with your kids and family.

In between your hectic weekday schedules, meal prep can be your best friend as it helps you to keep you on a healthy track although there is no perfect rule of meal prep or meal planning. It can change based on the choice of food, meal schedules, ability to cook, and personal goals. Everyone has a different way of meal prepping and through many trials and mistakes you would gradually realize which method of meal prepping is accurate for you.

Consumer Responsibility for Every Purchase

We have always been a proponent of buying locally. It just seems to make sense: Support thy neighbor. We frequent the mom and pop hardware store, the family-owned restaurants in town, and the local farmers’ market. Don’t get us wrong, we realize that buying locally costs slightly more than buying from a chain, but the benefits are worth it. During a time when unemployment is the new black, it only seems natural to pinch every penny, but perhaps that’s exactly what’s keeping the nation from climbing out of its hole.

We don’t encourage spending money for spending’s sake. We have always thought that the idea of spending money on frivolous items was ludicrous; a poor consumption habit that should be curtailed. Don’t waste money purchasing things that you don’t need. However, if a purchase must be made, it would behoove consumers to be more aware of what their money supports.

The freshest produce are grown locallyWhen Buying Something New

When shoppers are in the market to buy something new, they often go for the cheapest option. The problem is that the cheapest option is often made somewhere overseas. The cheap cost of labor, the absence of laws that ensure safe (and more costly) working conditions, and low import tariffs will guarantee a cheap product for the consumer, but at what cost?

If a corporation sends work overseas, often paying laborers mere pennies per hour, they will obviously be able to provide a much cheaper product and make larger profits than if they were to keep the work in the U.S. The up-side is that the consumer is provided the option of a cheaper product. The downside is that there is less incentive to hire workers in the U.S. when the cost of labor is cheaper overseas. In this day and age, most jobs can be sent overseas for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to keep them here.

Recently, large law firms have even opted to send research work overseas, paying cheaper wages to lawyers abroad; young attorneys in the United States incur high debt from education expenses that make it difficult to compete. These businesses are able to make big profits by targeting the one thing the average consumer is most concerned with: a lower price.

Working Conditions in Foreign Countries

Corporations save big money sending work overseas since environmental impacts and working conditions are less of a concern. Sure, a foreign country’s product is more affordable than a product made in the United States, but what if we ensured that human rights and natural environments were also protected abroad? The costs to minimize pollution and provide appropriate working conditions would factor into the price of the product.

Most corporations put a lot of money into their marketing divisions, hoping to deter consumers from thinking beyond the immediate goal of buying a cheap product that will supposedly enhance the quality of life. If consumers began to ask why the products are so affordable, they may reconsider their initial decisions. An Australian acquaintance noted that this was the only country he had ever visited in which the price of a product is the most important consideration. Other countries concern themselves with the quality of the product instead.

Consumers Deserve Quality

So, yes, quality is important. It would be a shame if the government increased tariffs on imported goods, shielding local companies from having to compete with more sophisticated products. We deserve to have the choice of purchasing a cutting-edge product, we want our nation to be competitive, but we have to understand that this may cost more. Complaints are made about increasing tariffs on imported goods, but these complaints need to be coupled with informed choices.

Consumers need to take responsibility for their purchases, realizing that every purchase we make casts a vote. In this case, money truly speaks. Are we so concerned with the price that working conditions abroad are of no concern to us? Is a cheap product so important that we can ignore the jobs sent overseas to guarantee these prices? It’s time to ask questions, compare products, and forget prices. Consumers cannot continue to wait for someone else to save our economy; we must save us from ourselves.

Dealing with Merchandise Returns

Any company that sells products will, at some point, get returns from customers. It’s important that these are accounted for correctly, and that they are not lost.

Customers should be aware of the company return policyAccording to Policy

Firstly, you need to have a solid returns policy in place that complies with the law. When accepting a return, you should start by making sure that the merchandise return is still within your acceptable returns period. Once this is confirmed, you must correctly enter the return into your system.

The Sales Return Entry

It is important that you have the original customer receipt. If you do not, there is no assurance that what you are refunding to your customer is what that client paid! Because of customer relations, some retailers will accept returns without receipts, but will only issue a store credit on those items. That way, the item can be re-shelved and sold for the amount refunded (less risk of loss this way). With the original receipt, it is simpler to enter the return for the same amounts that were originally charged – make sure that sales taxes and base cost are entered correctly!

Asking the Customer Why the Item Is Being Returned

Many retailers ask their customers why each item is being returned and will have a form for the client to fill out. This is so that the retailer has backup evidence on the return. This can be used for audit (accounting) purposes. And it can be used for proof to the supplier if something is defective. Many goods cannot be detected as defective until the end-user tries them out. Or sometimes something breaks as soon as it is used, such as a shoe that loses its outer sole in the first wearing. The defective goods will need to be returned to the vendor.

Vendor Return Issues

Hopefully, there will be no issues with the majority of your returns – it’ll all be straightforward, and you’ll get a credit (or check) for the same amount as what you paid. To be sure of this, your inventory costing and tracking system must be set up properly, to begin with. When you do send an item back to a vendor, you must have a system for tracking the expected credit. Once the credit is received from your supplier, you must match the actual credit received with the expected amount. If these differ, you will need to contact your vendor to let them know of the discrepancy. Always have a back-up! This should be your original purchase receipt and any information that you’ve received from your customer.

You should always be clear on your suppliers’ refund policies, as well. Some wholesalers will not take returns under certain conditions or after a specific amount of time. Familiarize yourself with these. As well, many wholesalers are willing to bend the rules a little for their better clients. This often means people who are easier to deal with, pay on time, and have few returns. Try to be one of those clients!

Reselling Returned Merchandise

In many (hopefully most) returns you will be able to resell the merchandise. To do this, the item needs to be in new condition, and if it was packaged, the packaging should be undamaged. If the packaging is damaged, it needs to be still usable and re-sealable (at worst, with a little tape). Some retailers will offer a small discount on items with damaged packaging. This is your choice.

You should now have a good idea of the major issues involved in customer returns. This will help you to set your policies and procedures, thus minimizing your losses on returned merchandise.

Avoid Being Hoodwinked Knowing These Retail Psychology Tactics

While shopping, customers might think they are in control. The truth is most large retail firms use clever tactics to control the customers spending habits.

Color coordinated displays are used to attract buyersColors Can Control

One thing shoppers probably never pay attention to is the color surrounding them, color is significant and can induce strong feelings in people.

Hospitals stereotypically have green walls, and patients usually wear green gowns. Green is the color of relaxation. This is because green is synonymous with nature and nature is calming.

Purple can persuade customers to spend more money which is why a lot of shops incorporate purple into advertising displays and color schemes.

Red is all about passion and speed. It can be used to make an impact. Most budget retail stores use it in their color schemes to catch the eye of potential customers. Red signifies bargain prices and is usually the color used in most advertisements and sale banners.

Blue is a calming color and is often the color scheme adopted by supermarkets so that customers will feel relaxed and therefore stay for longer and spend more money. People are also supposedly more productive in blue rooms.

Yellow is not a good color to put in retail stores, although it is a positive. It is also said that people lose their tempers more in yellow rooms and babies will cry more often. It is difficult for the eye to take in color yellow and it speeds metabolism, making people stressed and therefore deterring them from staying around.

Research says that when humans search for food, they learn to avoid toxic or spoiled objects, which is why most food isn’t packaged in blue, black or purple colors. When food is offered to a group of study subjects which has been dyed blue, they will often lose their appetite. Green, brown, and red are the most popular food colors. Red is commonly used in restaurant decorating schemes because it is an appetite stimulant.

Fresh produce are featured at the entrance since groceries want to sell them fasterStore Layout

In the artificial environment of a large retail store, with its straight lines and bright lights, the customer is made to feel vulnerable; therefore many shops will make rather noticeable yet smart changes to the storage space to get maximum sales. The most profitable impulse buys and special offers are placed on aisle ends where shops are designed to ensure the customer passes as many ends as possible.

Most of the prices in stores end with 99, 98 or 95 cents. This is usually a sign that the product is old stock and needs to be sold quickly. Sales assistants in big electrical chains will usually steer the customer towards these products.

Supermarkets usually put the groceries at the rear of the store, forcing customers to walk through the more profitable non-food areas. But fresh fruit and vegetables are almost always at the front door because fruit and vegetables look healthier and fresher in the natural light. In contrast, meat and fish need a clean white light; otherwise, they look old and tired.


Lighting is a crucial part of shopping aesthetics. Some stores found out that when they used energy efficient lighting, their sales went down because the lighting wasn’t strong enough. This was partly because the clothes looked like they were a different color. Therefore most stores keep the lighting bright, except for the lingerie department where some women feel more comfortable in dimly lit rooms whilst looking for underwear.

In pharmacies and perfume counters, most of the products are set in what they call “Triangular balance” which works on the idea that the human eye will always go to the center of a picture. They put the most prominent, tallest and most expensive products at the center of each shelf and arrange the other sizes next to them. The customer will naturally pick the center product which will coincidentally be the most expensive product.

Tabletops and boxes positioned next to racks allow women to handle the trousers and tops. Some shops will deliberately mess up the clothes, so people feel more comfortable rummaging through. Most people are nervous about going through neat piles and younger people like the look because it suggests the shop is trendy.

Music is also essential, research has proved that French music played in a supermarket’s wine aisle boosted sales of French wine. The following day, German folk music led to German wines flying off the shelves.

A good rule of thumb for the discerning shopper is not to go food shopping on an empty stomach and to look at the bottom shelves where the cheaper products are kept.

Underrated Korean Beauty Products

There are now lots of Korean beauty products available on the market, and it can be challenging to sift through what’s useful and ineffective. Because of creative advertising, people are now drawn to many products, and it is hard to discern which ones to choose. You may have come across products infused with snail slime, volcanic scoria, pearls, green tea, bee venom, and red ginseng. These are highly unusual products that cannot be seen anywhere outside of South Korea. But given that the country is known to be innovative when it comes to K-Beauty routine for skin, it is no surprise to find these unusual ingredients in many cosmetics manufactured in South Korea.

Even Kate Middleton uses Korean bee venom for great skinThanks to Korean drama and Korean pop stars, many people worldwide have finally discovered the beauty that lies beneath K-beauty products. One of the reasons why these products have been confined only in Korea because of language. Almost all products before the so-called “K-pop invasion” were all written and advertised in Hangeul only. Hangeul is the South Korean alphabet. No translations were available and only people who understood Korean, or had friends who knew Korean, could purchase these products.

With the increasing globalization efforts of South Korea, people who are unaware of the language can now enjoy the benefits of these local cosmetics. People now know of Korean beauty products not just because of advertising, but because of the popularity of K-pop and K-drama all around the world. The translation of these K-pop and K-drama shows, as well as K-beauty products, made a significant impact on the popularity of South Korea as a country. Now, even fans even from as far as Latin America can enjoy these famous Korean industries.

When you see Korean models, dancers, singers, and celebrities, you will understand why Korean beauty products are increasingly becoming famous all around the world. How can these K-pop stars maintain their figures and beautiful skin? And what are their secrets to their flawless and spotless look?

You may have heard of BB cream and CC cream, two of the most popular Korean beauty products. However, you may not have heard of many other cosmetics that prove to be useful but are grossly underrated. It may be caused by poor advertising and marketing strategies.

Are you a fan of Korean beauty products? Here are some of the most underrated Korean beauty products that promise the best results, but do not enjoy the limelight:

Korean cosmetics beauty basket1. Green Tea Face Mask

Green tea is a favorite beverage worldwide because of the health benefits it brings. It can lower your cholesterol, help you detoxify, and helps you gain an overall excellent well-being. If it works for your body system, why not for the skin, too?

There are many facial masks available, but many people are not fully aware of the high effectivity of green tea facial masks. Green tea is good for you because it helps get rid of any impurities on your skin. So, if you have blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples, green tea masks can help solve all these problems. As an added plus, it helps moisturize and smooth out your skin, helping you show off your natural glow.

2. Facial Mists

Facial mists may seem worthless, but they are a part-and-parcel of any Korean beauty routine. Many South Koreans bring facial mists with them wherever they go. These products help perk up your skin, allowing your skin to breathe amidst the threats of pollution and allergens. There are many facial veils of mist available in the market but go with those made with natural products. Mists made with synthetic chemicals can cause your skin to dry up, so choose wisely. Mists infused with lemongrass, mint, or orange zest are best if you need that pick-me-up feeling in the middle of the day.

Try out these underrated Korean beauty products and see for yourself how these work for you. These may even be the ultimate solution to your skin problems!

Enjoying a Gluten-Free Christmas

Going gluten-free does not mean you have to sacrifice health for taste. Especially this coming Christmas where you will be attending lots of family and friends’ events, you must be on guard as to make sure you don’t get swayed by eating anything off-limits. It can get tempting, though, with tables of yummy dishes and desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Gluten-free Christmas cookiesDo you have to get off your gluten-free diet this Christmas? Do you say “No” to party invitations if you know the host does not know how to prepare gluten-free meals? Or, do you host a party so you can ensure that the meals served are gluten-free?

It can be a challenge to go gluten-free this Christmas, especially with many people not informed adequately about this lifestyle choice just yet. Moreover, here’s a list of gluten free meal deliveries to make your life more convenient. You never have to be the Scrooge of Christmas to want to go gluten-free.

Here are some tips for you to enjoy this Christmas season without compromising on your gluten-free diet:

1. Let your family and friends know

There is nothing to be ashamed of with going gluten-free. Whether you are suffering from an allergy or doing it because of a lifestyle change, you must let your family and friends know that you are now on a gluten-free diet. It is not uncommon to come across a relative or friend who feels like you are just “overacting,” but once you explain the situation adequately, then for sure he/she will understand. It is their problem if they choose to make a big negative deal out of the situation.

The most important thing is for you to inform your family and friends that while you choose to be gluten-free, you don’t expect people to prepare meals just for you. You can say you can eat many of the dishes that they will cook (like roasted turkey, potatoes, and a lot of other dishes), and there is no problem if you can’t eat the pies that they will serve.

You can still enjoy Christmas without an upset stomach2. Whip up dishes that you can bring to parties

One of the best ways to allow yourself to enjoy Christmas gatherings while going gluten-free is to bring dishes-sans-gluten that everyone can try. You can even surprise everyone with traditional dishes (such as pies, cakes, breaded meats) that you whip up using gluten-free ingredients. The gluten-free version may even taste better than the classic version! So, if you want people to understand what you are going through, then allow others to get a taste of the meals that you are enjoying, too.

3. Bring gluten-free snacks

Sometimes, you may come across parties that do not have gluten-free dishes offered. It is common for cocktail parties where, usually, garnished crackers, breaded shrimps, and miniature pies are offered. Your best bet is to bring gluten-free snacks with you every time you go out because, in this way, you get to have some backup if all meals offered are off-limits. You don’t have to bring a whole bag of chips with you. There are small packs available that are convenient to carry and won’t be a hassle for you.

You don’t have to suffer and be stuck with bland dishes this Christmas just because you are following a gluten-free diet. There are so many things you can do to get by even with the many dishes available on parties that you will attend. Just be firm with your diet and don’t let Christmas ruin your lifestyle choice.

Planet Gift Baskets Participates in Century 21 Showcase Vendor Fair held in Highland, California

Food baskets in exhibitPlanet Gift Basket, an industry leader in gourmet gift baskets, exhibits at the Century 21 Showcase Vendor Fair held in the city of Highland. As the holiday season approaches more and more people are thinking about their holiday gift list. Century 21 Showcase located on Church and Greenspot Road, invited select vendors to participate in a posh shopping experience for the community. They chose Planet Gift Baskets as a premiere vendor for gift baskets and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Shoppers from the surrounding community enjoyed a delicious spread of fruits, cheeses, wines and desserts as they browsed through the vendor fair. Vendors brought their wares such as Swarovski crystal jewelry, high end candles, boutique clothing and more. Shoppers could also sample mineral make up and turn in their gold for cash! Each vendor brought a unique mix of product that created a one-stop-shop for those looking for unique gifts and a fun night out.

Guests were also encouraged to sample products used inside gourmet gift baskets from Planet Gift Baskets. “We sampled our Kings Cupboard dessert sauce which has always been our best selling item in our gift baskets. We paired Dolcetto vanilla wafer rolls with decadent mint chocolate, milk chocolate and pear Cabernet chocolate sauce. I would have to say that the mint chocolate sauce was by far the star of our gift basket booth,” states Pam Brown, co-owner of Planet Gift Baskets.

Participating vendors included:

  • Nora’s Hair Salon
  • Gurly Girl Jewelry
  • BStoned Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
  • Planet Gift Baskets & More

If you are located in the San Bernardino, California area and would like to view our extensive line of gift baskets, gourmet foods and unique gifts, please feel free to set up an appointment to visit our showroom. We are located at 5055 Hallmark Parkway Unit B, San Bernardino, California, 92407. Give us a call at 909.880.4202. We specialize in personalized gift baskets that leave a lasting impression via personalized accents, gifts with keepsakes and hard to find gourmet products that are sure to be enjoyed by your recipient.

Sympathy Gift Baskets

Sympathy gift baskets are a traditional way to express your deepest condolences. Planet Gift Baskets has created a beautiful line of baskets that range from low to high budget, masculine to feminine and cover a wide variety of tastes.

Mending Tomorrow Sympathy Gift Basket
Mending Tomorrow Sympathy Gift Basket

You are sure to find a gift that reflects your utmost sympathy for their loss. Most gifts can presented with personalized satin ribbon for that extra special touch. You may also choose one of our sympathy keepsakes, gift books or other items that can be included inside your basket.

How To Choose The Best Sympathy Gift Basket For Your Recipient

Choosing a sympathy gift basket can be difficult for most people They want to express their condolences but are not sure of any etiquette that must be followed to ensure the best possible reaction from their recipient. Planet Gift Baskets has developed a few tips to help make sure your gift is remembered with joy and thoughtfulness.

  • Be aware of any religious or cultural differences that may differ from your own. For example, you may feel great comfort when seeing a greeting card with an angel or a photo of  Jesus. Someone of a different faith may not have the same reaction to seeing such images. Call a family member or friend of the bereaved and ask if you are not sure. If you are unable to ask, leave these types of products out of your sympathy gift basket. A good alternative is something with the words, “hope or love.” These terms are universal.
  • Grieving Heart
    A Grieving Heart Sympathy Gift Basket

    Include a fond memory you may have shared with the deceased in your gift message. Thinking of their loved one in a fond way can help ease the pain, even for a short while. Everyone loves to know that their loved one has also touched the lives of others in a positive way.

  • Check for any diet restrictions your recipient may have. Some elderly or ill people cannot have chocolates and sweets that are popular in gift baskets. If there are any dietary restrictions, look for baskets that contain sugar free and/or gluten free products. Most gift basket companies would be more than happy to assist you with these needs.
  • Choose sympathy gift baskets that contain some type of keepsake or item that your recipient can enjoy long after the gourmet foods are gone. A picture frame, sympathy gift book or plaque are good choices. These items help them remember their loved one as well as the person that sent them such a heartwarming gift.
In Times Of Loss Sympathy Gift Basket
In Times Of Loss Sympathy Gift Basket
  • Most importantly, be sure to send something or call the bereaved. Sometimes we don’t know what to say in a sensitive time like this. Don’t let that stop you from showing your love and support. As time passes,you will be glad you took the time to offer your condolences.
  • Follow up your sympathy gift basket with a phone call or greeting card. Let them know you truly care about their well being and healing process. If it is a coworker or someone you do not know well, a greeting card or email letting them know they are in your thoughts would be truly appreciated.