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Sympathy gift baskets are a traditional way to express your deepest condolences. Planet Gift Baskets has created a beautiful line of baskets that range from low to high budget, masculine to feminine and cover a wide variety of tastes. You are sure to find a gift that reflects your utmost sympathy for their loss. Most gifts can presented with personalized satin ribbon for that extra special touch. You may also choose one of our sympathy keepsakes, gift books or other items that can be included inside your basket.
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Memorial Gifts Gourmet Gifts For Condolences Comfort From Grief Gift Basket
A Tree In Memory
Our Price: $99.00

Expressions Of Sympathy
Our Price: $59.00
Mending Tomorrow
Our Price: $69.00

The sale of this gift basket includes a donation for a tree planting to What a wonderful way to help them remember their lost loved one. A beautiful and elegant gift basket is the perfect way to express your sympathies during a difficult time for a family member, friend or colleague. Send this gift basket which includes a CD discussing topics that will help them process their grief. Also included are gourmet foods that will uplift their spirit during their time of bereavement.
A Grieving Heart Sympathy Gift Basket In Times Of Loss Sympathy Gift Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket
In Times Of Loss Sympathy Gift Basket
Our Price: $69.00 NEW!

Beautiful and comforting, this sympathy gift basket is designed to heal a grieving heart. Filled with top quality gourmet foods and a keepsake gift book, this gift basket will surely bring comfort to someone in need. Calm and serene, this beautiful sympathy gift basket may be just what they need to begin to heal. It includes soothing gourmet foods and beverages along with a gift book filled with encouraging and comforting words. Looking for a respectful sympathy gift? This gourmet gift basket comes with hearty and satisfying gourmet foods for your recipient to enjoy. We have also included a satin personalized ribbon expressing your deepest sympathy for their loss.
Sympathy & Comfort Gift Basket With Wings Like Eagles Sympathy Reflections On Grieving Gift Basket
Send your heartfelt sympathy and condolences with a gift basket filled with gourmet foods and a comforting gift book. What a wonderful way to express your feelings during their time of bereavement. This sympathy gift basket is filled with gourmet snacks that are perfect for a large crowd. Send your condolences with love and show how much you care. This gift includes a keepsake memory book about healing and loss. Send some comfort through music with this gourmet sympathy basket. We have included healthy teas, snacks and music to help quiet the soul. Tied with personalized ribbon, this gift is sure to add warmth and comfort to the day of someone in need.
Sympathy Gifts-Care & Comfort Gift Basket Comfort Foods Gourmet Gift Basket
Care & Comfort Sympathy Gift Basket
Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $78.00
You save $11.00!
Send them some comfort and care through a top quality gourmet food basket. What an elegant presentation to express your heartfelt sympathies. Send a basket filled to the brim with warm and cozy comfort foods. Authentic organic oolong tea, cinnamon cashews and fine chocolates will surely remind your recipient of home. This natural gift basket is filled with delicious gourmet snacks, it makes a great gift for any occasion. When you need to send a budget friendly sympathy gift, this basket will be sure to please.  It includes Monet Mini Crackers, Nikki's Pantry Cheese, Old Dominion Peanut Brittle, Nikki's Pantry Yogurt Dipped Pretzels, Venus Crackers, Gourmet Fruit Candy Tin and Bellagio Gourmet Hot Cocoa.
Heartfelt Sympathy Gift Basket Celebrate Life Sympathy Gift Basket Sympathy Gift Basket
With Sympathy Gift Basket
Our Price: $59.00
Send your condolences with a beautiful black metal gift basket filled with wonderful comfort food. Sometimes you can't be there when you want to show comfort to a friend or family member. You can always send a gift basket. This basket includes a gift box of deGeneve chocolate peanut caramel clusters, Monet mini original water crackers, Nikki's Pantry Camembert Cheese, Zesty cheddar popcorn, dark chocolate coconut crèmes, Chocolate Truffle, Gourmet caramel corn, Manner Wafer, Bellagio dark chocolate and caramel mocha (2), and Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares (2). Celebrate Life in a wonderful way. Send your condolences with this upscale gift basket. During times of bereavement, many people send a gift basket to show their love and comfort for those hurting. You can say you love your friends and family with a hearty selection of goodies meant to warm the soul. With Sympathy send this handmade wooden basket filled with gourmet goodies. Included in this gift basket are Dolcetto Tiramisu Wafers, Nikki's Pantry yogurt dipped pretzels, Cappuccino, a Biscotti, Nikki's Pantry Camembert cheese, Stone Wheat Wafer Crackers, Chocolate truffle, Bellagio Gourmet Hot Cocoa and Ghirardelli Chocolate.
How To Choose The Best Sympathy Gift Basket For Your Recipient

Choosing a sympathy gift basket can be difficult for most people They want to express their condolences but are not sure of any etiquette that must be followed to ensure the best possible reaction from their recipient. Planet Gift Baskets has developed a few tips to help make sure your gift is remembered with joy and thoughtfulness.

  • Be aware of any religious or cultural differences that may differ from your own. For example, you may feel great comfort when seeing a greeting card with an angel or a photo of  Jesus. Someone of a different faith may not have the same reaction to seeing such images. Call a family member or friend of the bereaved and ask if you are not sure. If you are unable to ask, leave these types of products out of your sympathy gift basket. A good alternative is something with the words, "hope or love." These terms are universal.
  • Include a fond memory you may have shared with the deceased in your gift message. Thinking of their loved one in a fond way can help ease the pain, even for a short while. Everyone loves to know that their loved one has also touched the lives of others in a positive way.
  • Check for any diet restrictions your recipient may have. Some elderly or ill people cannot have chocolates and sweets that are popular in gift baskets. If there are any dietary restrictions, look for baskets that contain sugar free and/or gluten free products. Most gift basket companies would be more than happy to assist you with these needs.
  • Choose sympathy gift baskets that contain some type of keepsake or item that your recipient can enjoy long after the gourmet foods are gone. A picture frame, sympathy gift book or plaque are good choices. These items help them remember their loved one as well as the person that sent them such a heartwarming gift.
  • Most importantly, be sure to send something or call the bereaved. Sometimes we don't know what to say in a sensitive time like this. Don't let that stop you from showing your love and support. As time passes,you will be glad you took the time to offer your condolences. 
  • Follow up your sympathy gift basket with a phone call or greeting card. Let them know you truly care about their well being and healing process. If it is a coworker or someone you do not know well, a greeting card or email letting them know they are in your thoughts would be truly appreciated.