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Memorial gifts being sent to a family member, friend or colleague can be challenging to choose. Planet Gift Baskets has made it simple by creating a sympathy, condolence and memorial gift line to express your sincere thoughts and well wishes. We have arranged gifts that are beautiful, heartwarming and respectful. Each gift contains something extra special to help you convey your deepest sympathies. Whether it be a simple keepsake, a beautiful frame or even personalized ribbon, these gift baskets will let them know just how much you care in a dignified and thoughtful way. For more information on dealing with sympathy related topics visit our Sympathy Resource Center.
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Grand Sympathy Fruit Basket Letter To A Grieving Heart Prayers Of Comfort For Those Who Hurt
Comfort From Grief Gift Basket In Memory Garden Stone In Times Of Loss Sympathy Gift
Healing After Loss
Our Price: $99.00

Loved Ones Garden Stone
Our Price: $19.99

In Times Of Loss Sympathy Gift Basket
Our Price: $59.00 NEW!

Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket Sympathy & Comfort Gift Basket
Finding Hope Gift Book
Our Price: $9.99
Comfort Foods Gourmet Gift Basket Sympathy Books For Men Heartfelt Prayers Gift
When A Man Faces Grief
Our Price: $6.95
Memories Sympathy Gift Harvest Tower Harvest Fruit Basket
Fruits and Cheese Gift Box
Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sympathy Gift Basket:
Sending memorial gifts can be very difficult. Sometimes you want to send a gift to a colleague that you do not know well. This can be challenging especially if you did not know the deceased. The purpose for such a gift basket would be to let them know they are in your thoughts and that you feel empathetic for their current situation. Following are some handy tips that may help you choose the perfect gift for them:

  • Sympathy Gift Baskets should be very respectful. Usually bright colors are not used in these types of baskets. Simple baskets in blue, burgundy, black or brown are good choices. For example, our Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket comes wrapped in a beautiful burgundy ribbon.

  • Condolence Baskets do not always have to be black. A little color is best so as to not appear morbid. Black with another accent color is always best.

  • Always consider where you are sending the gift basket. If it is to arrive at the funeral parlor, leave any personal message very general. For example, our In Loving Memory basket would be a good choice to send to the parlor. It mentions the family name on the personalized ribbon which is always a good idea. If your gift is to arrive to a family home, the message can be more personal.

  • Send something meaningful. Families that have experienced a loss of a loved one always have guests arriving to offer their support, comfort and well wishes. It is a very good practice to send a gift basket that includes snack items that these guests may enjoy. Your recipient is most likely feeling pressure to offer these guests meals and such. Most likely, friends and family members tend to bring cooked meals but in between snacks are often overlooked. Sending a sympathy gift basket with items such as nuts, dried fruits, dips and crackers will be very appreciated by your recipient.

  • Include a keepsake that may brighten their day. A small book of blessings, a heartfelt poem, frame or even personalized message can offer them encouragement for the future. Our Beloved Sympathy Gift Basket includes a beautiful keepsake album to store pictures of their lost loved one.

  • If you are sending a sympathy gift basket to a family member remember to make it personal. It should contain something that can help them heal during this time. Always send personalized ribbon and a heartfelt gift message that will brighten their day. Also remember to follow up and make sure they have received their gift basket. A phone call, sympathy card or letter and sympathy gift baskets go hand in hand!