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Loss Of A Parent
Losing a Parent is never easy. What can you do to show our sympathy?

Loss of a Parent – Help Relieve Some Pain
There is never a more appropriate time to send sympathy and inspiration than when someone has suffered the loss of a parent. It doesn’t matter if the parent was young or old or was expected to pass on for some time, the pain is still acute. But, you can help relieve that pain if only for a short time with loving words, a simple embrace or a meaningful gift. Showing that you care during this time of grief can make a huge difference for someone who is grieving. For a short period of time you can take them away from the sadness.
 Understanding that grief is a long process with no time limit will help you comfort a person that has lost a parent. Even though your gestures themselves may fade away in time, the memory of them will live on and your loved one or friend who experienced the loss will always remember your kindness. It is hard to express with words during times of loss how you feel and often times the words feel empty. But when you give a thoughtful gift, card or helping hand you show how much that person’s grief means to you and that you sympathize with what they are currently going through.
Children that have lost a parent grieve differently than their adult counterparts. They may become over affectionate, boisterous or quiet, act younger than their years, etc. These are all normal signs of a child in grief. Just being there for them, holding their hand, talking and sharing with them are all good ways to show your support for a grieving child. Again, there is no time limit but it is a good idea to know the child’s normal behaviors. This way you can keep track of the out-of-character behaviors. If you feel the process is becoming severely damaging to their mental health, it may be time to get professional help.
When someone you know has lost a parent it is a good idea to become part of a positive support system. Be a good listener! Do not negate any of their feelings because they are natural responses to death. They may be angry at God or even the deceased. Now is not the time to tell them they are wrong for having these feelings. Offer a gentle touch or warm embrace and continue to listen. Even if their thoughts and words are irrational a simple, “I understand why you feel that way,” is enough during this stage of grief.
Remember to always make sure that the grieving person has a larger support system than yourself. You cannot do it alone. You may schedule several family members to bring a meal or visit the person during this time of need. Have all family members contribute to a support gift basket to send to the grieving if you cannot physically be there. There are many ways you can offer your support. A listening ear, a caring embrace and a sympathy gift can be all that is needed to help someone that has lost a parent.